April 2015

It was reported that the Law Society had escalated its fight against the new court fees payable on commencing civil legal proceedings, by delivering a pre-action protocol letter of claim on 23 February 2015. In some cases, the applicable fee increases equal a rise of 600%.

April 2015

The 78th and 79th updates to the Civil Procedure Rules of England & Wales came into force on 6 April 2015 as widely publicised and scheduled.

However, as well as the 78th and 79th updates, changes to the Pre-Action Protocols (new and amended versions) also came into effect on 6 April 2015 including an updated Protocol for Possession Claims based on Mortgage or Home Purchase Plan Arrears in Respect of Residential Property (the “Mortgage PAP”).

April 2015

We are encountering an increasing number of commercial properties where flood risk insurance is proving very difficult to obtain.  These properties are excluded from the Government’s Flood Reinsurance Scheme ‘Flood Re’, which is supposed to solve the problems in obtaining flood insurance.

January 2015

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills has announced a number of measures designed to protect financially vulnerable people against what respondents to the Insolvency Service's Consultation on Debt Relief Orders and the Bankruptcy limit cited as “disproportionate” enforcement activities.

November 2014

The Courts Reform (Scotland Act 2014) ("the Act") was passed in the Scottish Parliament on 8 October 2014 and received Royal Assent this week. The Act makes some of the most significant changes to the Scottish civil justice system in over 40 years. The effects will be felt over the coming few years as these changes come into effect. We have no clear timetable as yet but the Scottish Government hope to start introducing changes during 2015.