Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

The highest levels of service delivered by highly experienced teams in the most commercially sensible, cost effective and efficient way possible.

We provide volume debt recovery services to clients in the finance and banking, public and insurance sectors, where the value of our client's debt to be recovered through our long-term appointment is in excess of £100,000.

Our debt recovery services are built on a deep understanding of which recovery, litigation and enforcement solutions work based on the outcomes that our sophisticated business clients want to achieve. 

In addition to our own governance and quality frameworks, all our recoveries and litigation practices are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, providing our clients with the assurances which come from knowing that they are working with a highly professional and reputable firm. So whether it's a portfolio of debt arising from loans, credit cards, mortgage shortfall, salary overpayment, utility arrears, payments made by mistake, or money falling due under statute or other contract, there's no risk to our client's reputation or ours.

With over 30 years’ standard, complex and contested debt recovery litigation experience, combined with the operational expertise of the UK's leading technology-enabled process and outsourcing solutions provider, we can help businesses and public sector organisations with:

  • Trace and profiling
  • Pre-legal collections
  • Payment management
  • Standard litigation
  • Complex litigation
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Recovering mistaken payments
  • Defending mis-selling claims